Tucson Visit

A trip back to the 'hood to see friends and family


  Final Update: 20210417

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  Thimble Peak as seen from Sabino Canyon near Tucson, AZ
Sony A1: 1/320 sec, ISO 100, 24mm at f/5.6
All photos copyright, Bill Caid 2021. All rights reserved.


COVID has put a big cramp in our travel plans.  After a year of sitting on our asses and doing nothing (but house chores), we elected to head out.  Once both Kathleen and I got vaccinated, we made plans to visit our family and friends in Tucson, Arizona


The link table below contains links to the photos and dialog for each of the days of the trip.  This table will be updated as the effort progresses.  A variety of cameras were used to document this trip including our Sony A1, Fuji XT-4. and Fuji X100V.

Links to Daily Adventures
Part Dates Adventure Locations
Sabino Canyon
Mt. Lemmon and the Santa Catalina Mountains
Tucson Botanical Garden



Tucson is a great place.  The city is very spread-out and travel times can be much longer than expected base on inspecting a map.  The only freeway in town is I-10 and is is likely that the freeway does not go where you want to go.  In general, surfac streets are the name-of-the-game in Tucson, so be prepared.  Tucson has many interesting attractions, so consult the guides and choose your own poison.


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