MogFest 2019

Unimog Community Gathering in the Southern Sierra Nevada


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  Eric's DOKA demonstrates axle articulation on the Sherman Pass Trail.
Sony A7RM4: 1/160 sec, ISO 100, 70mm at f/3.8
All photos copyright, Bill Caid 2019. All rights reserved.


The Southern California Unimog community has been holding yearly gatherings for perhaps 20 years.  Usually, these gatherings were held in the lower deserts.  This year, for variety, the location was in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains west of Ridgecrest.  The chosen campsite was at approximately 8,000 feet and given that we were late in the season, it was quite cold at night.  One of the group's members got to the campsite a day early to hold our sites but retreated to the low-lands after a very cold, very uncomfortable night.  We were in Thor (our Mercedes 1017A truck) that has 4-season living quarters so we were comfortable.


The link table below contains some selected excerpts of the event.  These photos were taken with my brand-new Sony A7R4 60MP digital camera.

Links to Daily Adventures
Part Dates Adventure Locations
Day 1: Monache Meadows
Day 2: Bald Mountain and Sherman Pass



Coordinating a large number of participants in an event such as this is quite a challenge.  Many thanks to the individuals that organized this gathering and put the thought-work into selecting a nice venue.


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