Part 1: Thanksgiving Day in Tucson


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The Experience

We were fortunate to have been invited to Thanksgiving dinner at my step-sister's house; she and her husband Larry are outstanding cooks and gracious hosts.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

The table was ready for some food!

Larry and Sandy have a large extended family so some rental tables and chairs were needed.

The girls were busting hump creating tasty dressing and gravy.

Larry and Sandy have a really nice place.  The weather was perfect so the fireplace was not needed.

The backyard had a nice view of the Santa Catalina mountains.

The cliffs of Pusch Ridge towered over the homes in the next subdivision.

The arroyo behind the house had plenty of native cactus.

Cholla is endemic to the area and it causes distress if encountered.  This cholla still has flower buds.

A dead tree was a perfect roost for one of the local doves.

The banks of the arroyo had dense brush.

The extra moisture offered by the arroyo provided sustenance for the sahauro.

The growth cap on the tip of a sahauro.

This beaver tail cactus had nice purple tinges.

There was a young Palo Verde tree just outside the fence.

Kathleen and Larry chillin' on the back porch.

Kenneth and David were enjoying the mild Tucson weather.

Time to check the internal temperature on that bird!!  We don't want it over-cooked.

Done just right!

Sandy is bringing the brussel sprouts to a completion.

David carves while Beth and Sandy arrange the flesh on the platters.

Iliahi and Ihilani pose for a portrait.

It is always great to spend time with the family at Thanksgiving.  Many thanks to Larry and Sandy for hosting us (and feeding us).

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