Part 20: Exploring Dublin


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The Trip

Both Kathleen and Steve got some kind of stomach ailment, likely a norovirus.  We got an extremely late start and even then things were slow and lethargic.  The truth is that we had been on the go constantly since we arrived in the UK and had not had a single down day.  Perhaps the pace was catching up to us.  But, after noon we got our act together and took a cab to the Temple Bar area of Dublin to have a look around.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

Leaving the hotel you have to go through the lobby and one cannot help but wonder at the roots of the old building started in 1172.

The refurbished fireplace is really spectacular.

There was a suit of armor that was displayed in the lobby, but it was recently made.  I doubt that pop rivets were used in the Middle Ages.

The old tower and the newer enhancements combined make an imposing structure.

The taxi dropped us off outside of a bank to exchange our Pounds Stirling for Euros.  The street was busy with pedestrians and a heavy flow of traffic.

The bank was across the square from Trinity College, Ireland's premier institute of higher learning, comparable to Harvard or Yale.

The downtown Westin Hotel faded into the local architectural scheme.

This area of town, Temple Bar, has tight cobblestone streets.

We hiked to the river to see some of the bridges.

Turning the opposite direction, we could see weather would be upon us soon.  Indeed, we had to step into a pub to avoid the rain.  And while there, might as well have some Jameson 12 year just to pass the time.

This photo is for my friend Richard.  This camo BMW looks ready to take on the Dakar or Baja.

This is a bridge maintenance barge with a cute crawler-based man-lift to provide access to the underside of the bridges.

Several of the bridges were very nice.  This one is pedestrian only.

More weather was coming and the rain would be upon us in minutes.

We found the actual Temple Bar and ended up seeking shelter from the rain.

When the rain stopped we continued on to Dublin Castle.

The castle contains the state apartments and the surrounding buildings were courts and administrative offices.

A very nice statue above the entry way.

The buildings were quite ornate.  I was hungry, so we ducked into a French cafe that was nearby and had a tasty lunch of Sea Breem filet.

Outside of the castle were some nice anthuriums.

Being sick sucks and neither Steve nor Kathleen were operating on all cylinders and I was just generally unmotivated.  So, after lunch, we found a cab and returned to the hotel to chill.

Tomorrow, we get another rental car and head west.

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