Part 17: Glenfinnan to Tobermory


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The Trip

Kathleen really scored with our stay at Glenfinnan.  The place was really nice and the food was good.  The next morning dawned clear but windy and crisp.  We would head to Tobermory on the Isle of Mull along back roads.  The plan was to stay at the Glengorm Castle.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

A sunlit view of Glenfinnan House Hotel.

The interior was Victorian but very comfortable.

We heard that the "Jacobite" Train rain close to Glenfinnan so we went to see it cross the Glenfinnan viaduct.

This church was built by the same fellow that built the Glenfinnan House.

The church is situated on the hillside that provided a great view of Loch Spiel.

The church had a nice detailed statue on the facade.

The inside was modest, but nice and in very good repair.

The view of Loch Spiel from the church was breathtaking.

We traveled north from Glenfinnan and came across some salmon farms on one of the other lochs.

The narrow road crossed some ridges that provided dramatic views of ocean bays.

There was plenty of geologic activity in this area.  Note the upturned bedding at the lower right of the photo above.

This is not a lake, but rather a finger of the ocean.  The water is very, very clear and silt-free.

Further on we passed nice fields hosting sheep.

Cresting a ridge on our route to the ferry site we got a commanding view of the ocean.  Note the clarity of the ocean water.

This sheep just got out of the sheep salon.  This is a first-class 'do.

We could see other inlets north of the road.  There were huge volcanic headlands that dropped dramatically into the ocean.

Our ferry to the Isle of Mull was small; 4 cars maximum.

Our Toyota and another mini-suv pretty much filled the cargo area on the ferry.

The ride to Mull gave us nice views of the volcanic headlands.

Near Mull we could see one of their lighthouses.

This boat, the Jacobite, was coming in from working.

Our destination for the night is Glengorm castle.  Kathleen found this place and booked it.  Neither Steve nor I were prepared for what was to come.

The point at the castle had a spectacular view of the ocean.

Kathleen scores again!  Steve and I were blown away.  This is the parking lot side of the castle.

This is the ocean side of Glengorm.

The downstairs entry area.

The "whiskey library". 

The whiskey library was well stocked.  Now, after all these years, I can actually say that I am well read.  Each one tastes different, but they all have the same effect.

The dining room.

Our sleeping quarters after we thrashed the bed with our junk.  Kathleen had reserved a two bedroom apartment with multiple rooms.

Upstairs we had a large living room.

...and another living room with a fire place that I think was called the sitting room..

We headed into Tobermory for dinner and the wind had mostly calmed.  The harbor at Tobermory is like something out of a fairy tale.

Sunset from cliff next to the Glengorm castle.

This was an interesting segment of our trip.  There was plenty of narrow, one lane road with only intermittent passing lanes.  We encountered oncoming traffic many times and several required "panic" maneuvers to avoid a head-on collision.  But, we arrived at our destination without mixing metal.

Kathleen totally scored on the castle; it greatly exceeded our expectations.

Tomorrow, we take the ferry to the main island and then travel to Glasgow.  From Glasgow, we will fly to Belfast and then start the Irish portion of our travels.

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