Musicmatch Reunion

  Eleven Year Reunion Provides Venue for Reconnecting with Work Friends

Event Report 20150627

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The Experience

It has been 11 years since Musicmatch was purchased by Yahoo.  As happens when most large job transitions take place, the staff scattered to the four winds.  While many elected to continue in the digital music business, others went on to diverse assignments or career changes that took them all over the globe.  Dennis, the founder and CEO, was nice enough to host a reunion in his beautiful home in San Diego on a warm summer night.  I am not sure if a headcount was taken, but it seemed to me that a very large percentage of the staff attended.

Disclaimer: Kathleen assisted me in taking photos and the camera she was using is a low-end model that, in my opinion, takes marginal photos, particularly in low light.  But, as they say, "the best camera is the one that you have with you" and any photo is better than no photo for capturing memories.  I have only listed first names (for privacy) for those that I remembered, but my performance on employee spouses is less than stellar.  So, in the off chance that I got a name wrong, send me a private email to "bcaid at yahoo dot com" so I can correct them; I will do so promptly.  I tried to get everyone's photo, but I doubt I was successful.

The photos below are what we saw.

Dennis and Pam remodeled their home since we were there last.  It's perfect for large parties and the whole crew gathered on the patio.  Holly has the BEST smile!

The outdoor seating was a great place to catch up.  Dennis has Holly in stitches!

Chris, Dave and Kathy.

Doug, Doug, Sean and Jim (facing away).

Holly, Holly's friend, Dennis and Dawn.

It was great to see Rhonda's smile again even if it is a bit out of focus.

Ken, Rhonda, Bill, Dave.

Dave and Jen.

Ryan, Daniel (facing away), and Bob.

Dawn, Rhonda, Pam (facing away), and Ryan.

Ashlei enjoyed her dinner.  A taco truck was on site providing tasty Mexican tacos.

Ken and Bill.

Sean and Scott.

Dennis, Kathy and Chris.

Debby and Brayden.

Ronnie (foreground), Davina and Amy, Tony's New Zealand visitor had a good time too.

Mary, Steve and daughter Betty.

Jim and spouse.

The game room was a popular place with Amir and his daughters.

The pool was quite popular earlier in the day.

Chris, Simon and Ashlei.

Ashlei and Kathleen.

Scott, Dennis and Daniel.

Holly, friend and Pam.

Friend and Kathy.

Ryan, Doug and Debby.

Ronnie and Doug.

Steve and his daughter enjoy the trampoline.

Phil, Pam, Helen and Brittney.

Susan, Jim and Jane Lea (facing away).

Bob, Amir (facing away), Ken and Robert.

Phil, Simon, Chris and Mike.

Sean, Scott and a spouse.

We had a GREAT time.  Many thanks to Pam and Dennis for hosting this party.  We hope to see you all on an upcoming camping trip in the fall.

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