Jones Family Party

Coming to town to see the new baby and celebrate Kathleen's birthday

Event Report 20150316-18

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The Experience

The Jones family is bi-coastal: New York and San Diego.  While the separation does make it harder to get together frequently, the fact that the groups are emotionally close makes the experience sweeter.  This time, the purpose was to see Jessica and Hussein's new baby Francesca and celebrate Kathleen's birthday.

The photos below are what we saw.

The first get together was held near the beautiful Pacifica Del Mar plaza.

Jessica arrives with Eddie, Amy and Francesca.

The group assembled on the patio of the Del Mar Starbucks.

Someone said something that got Jessica's attention.

Cassie and Becky enjoy the conversation.

Marguerite contemplates a question.

Eddie basks in the warm sun.

Amy was enjoying the sunshine - a radical change from the snow fields of New York.

Dee was happy to get away from the east coast deep-freeze.

Cassie was lucky enough to score a chair.

The conversation was lively and enjoyed by all.

Little Francesca slept through most of the adult chatter.

Oops, she's awake.  This can only mean one thing - feeding time is neigh.

Kathleen lets Francesca hold her finger.

Ah, too much excitement; time to doze.

The group migrated to the beach near the Del Mar lifeguard headquarters.

Francesca was mostly oblivious to the various conversations.

Last looks at Francesca before they head home.

Francesca awoke long enough to get her pacifier.

The next day was Kathleen's birthday so we held a large group dinner and cocktail party.

Marguerite enjoys her lasagne dinner.  The photo caught her off guard.

Amy helps me load the dishwasher.

At a party it never matters how many chairs are available, they always stand by the food.

After dinner, the group gathered around the table for conversation and more lemon drop martinis.

Sadly, I did not overhear the comment that prompted these expressions.

No birthday celebration is complete without a nice cake, compliments of Jessica and Hussein.  A beautiful execution and very tasty.

Kevin, Dee, Mom, Eddie and Kathleen.

L to R: Alex, Lori, Kevin, Cassie, Becky, Dee, Eddie, Marguerite, Kathleen, Bill, Amy.

We had a great time, but that was no surprise; we ALWAYS have a great time.  It was nice to see the majority of the clan at the same place at the same time.  Karen & Mike and Bobby & Nancy were unable to attend, but we'll catchup with them soon.

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