Comicon 2015

  An Odd Collection of Characters and an Interesting Crowd

Event Report 20150711

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The Experience

San Diego has hosted Comicon for something on the order of 40 years and it has evolved into a really big deal.  Kathleen and I have never attended.  Our friends Robin and Jerry invited us to go with them.  We parked in Mission Valley and took the trolley to the Gaslamp District across the street from the Convention Center where Comicon was being held.

The photos below are what we saw.

The crowds were intense, but unlike "normal" crowded places, the mood was festive and many of the folks were in costumes.

The Hulk came by with a buddy.  Kathleen and Robin could not resist the opportunity to pose with them.

The marketing people had been working overtime behind the scenes to organize the Comicon event.  These "troopers" were part of a marketing push for a new series called "Colony".

While most of the costumes we saw, while intricate, were one-offs and usually home made.  These were actual uniforms and tactical gear.

She seemed a bit old to fit into the target demographic, but played the part well.  The problem is that I don't know which part.  Sadly, I am not much of an anime fan and could not identify her character.

Plenty of fantasy characters.  This fellow spent plenty of time creating that sword.

The girls got held hostage by a couple of ninjas.

Costumes went from tame to lame and everywhere in between.

Even the Mexican Lucha wrestlers came into town for this event.

Iron Man came with his mother it seems.

The irony of this costume did not escape me.  This skin-and-bones waif had a body suit with a skeleton.  She has a "Conan's Monster" model in the box.

My photo bomb with the "fur girl".

Jerry wanted a photo with the fur girl too.  The equation will change soon when her braces come off; she is very pretty and has a great figure.

I was hot wearing regular clothes, this fellow must have been cooking in the suit.

We saw plenty of died hair, some came out better than others.  The purple actually looked pretty good.

Ninja spiderman and his trusty assistant Clara cleavage.

We stopped at a cafe and had a table on the street with a front row view of the oddness.  Folks were leaving the convention and coming past our table in droves.  Then came the evangelical bible-thumpers with their bull horns.

Groot came for a visit.

We tried to eat dinner in peace, but the zombies came and wanted to eat us in pieces.

The crowd was rife with zombies and we had to exercise great care lest we be bitten and infected.

The Colony marketing folks had a set of 4 Pinzgauer 712s that they had drive around in circles touting their upcoming show.

Everyone in costume was willing to pose for us.

Young Spiderman came with his parents.

This fellow made his mask.

Nice facial expression.

Not all the pretty gals were in costumes.  Oh, wait; the costumes were just not Comicon themed.


The superheroines were upon us.

Ghostbusters came back from the past for a visit.

This  fellow made a creative costume.

Lots of time and effort was put into costume creation and preparation for the show.  I saw one gal that was naked with only body paint like Mystique in X-Men.  It must have taken her hours to prepare.  Plus I'll bet it was very hot.

Interesting approach to getting tips.  My favorite was a fellow carrying a sign that said "Two Backflips for Three Dollars".

This fellow put a lot of effort into the Edward Scissorhands costume.

The superheroes gathered to allow folks a photo op.

Pig man is fixin' to slaughter Robin and Kathleen

A Guardians of the Galaxy face mask with lit eyes.

Spock must have been 6' 7" tall and looked very much like Leonard Nimoy.

Robin gets assaulted by more Mad Max characters and a Psylon Warrior.

I don't think the gal knew the guy with the rug head.  She was cute though.

The Mad Max Wasteland Weekend boys were here.

Wonder Woman came to visit.  She was wonderful.

Comicon was overload.  There were huge crowds and tons of things going on.  That said, the participants were an interesting crew.  Plenty of time was put into costumes and preparations.  It was sufficiently interesting that we might even go again next year.

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