Coronado Bike Trip

A bike trip with friends on the Coronado Ferry

Event Report 20140126

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The Experience

The plan was to meet our friends Jerry and Robin and ride our bikes on Coronado Island.  To get there, we left our vehicles at the Spanish Landing parking area and then rode to the Coronado Ferry terminal.  From there, we rode the ferry to the island and then rode around Coronado.

The photos below are what we saw.

A walker offered to take our photo so we let him.  From left: Jerry, Robin, Kathleen, Bill.  San Diego Bay is in the background.

Two jet skiers having fun on the bay.

Here we are on the top desk of the Coronado Ferry.  Kathleen and Jerry are standing at the front of the boat.

Here you can see the San Diego Skyline as well as the ramp to board the Coronado Ferry.

Here is the Broadway Pier in downtown San Diego.

This was boat next to the Coronado Ferry. It is in High Spirits...

The carrier Midway as seen from the Coronado Ferry.

The Midway is a floating museum and provides a great frame for the San Diego harbor skyline.

The hazy overcast made taking a photo of the Coronado Bay Bridge rather challenging.  This is a long span that is high enough to allow the navy ships to pass underneath on their way to the 32nd Street Naval Station.

Here you can see the downtown HYATT hotel on the water front.

The San Diego Convention Center is clearly visible in the foreground and the Marriott is in the background on the left.

The is Dole ship is unloading bananas.  YUM.

Here is a nice view of the Downtown Skyline.

A view of the more southern part of the Convention Center.

Here is a very large photo.  (32 Megabytes) It was several photos stitched together.

Here we are on the Coronado Island shore viewing back to the Midway.

During our bike ride on Coronado, we came across this house. Oh my... How interesting.

Look at the details on this construction of the house.  WOW.

The ride was fun.  We biked past the Hotel Del Coronado and rode to find a place for lunch.  We decided to eat Sunday Brunch at Leroy's Restaurant and Lounge.  It was great.  Their food was very tasty.  I am looking forward to returning for another meal.  Cheers.

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