San Diego Reptile Show

Reptile vendors show their wares downtown

Event Report 20131103

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The Experience

At Kathleen's insistence we went to the San Diego Reptile Show at the Community Concourse.  I have to admit, there were some interesting reptiles there, but the concept of having Boa Constrictors and Anacondas as pets creeps me out.  Some of the snakes were brightly colored, but the cages and dim lighting made taking photos a challenge.

The photos below are what we saw.

Reflections in the mirrored windows of one of the downtown high-rise buildings.

Some of the buildings downtown are quite tall.  Not tall in a "Manhattan sense", but tall in a SoCal sense.

Looking east from the Community Concourse.

In the foyer, we passed this fellow taking his Monitor Lizard for a walk.

Look at the size of this turtle.

There were many bins full of brightly colored pythons.  Some were albino, others pink.

This lizard was attempting a jail break but to no avail.

My question to the gal with the snake was "do you ever get worried he may squeeze your head off?".  She said no, but I wonder.

This chameleon was loose and climbing on fake branches.

Another lizard with a harness out for a hike.

This one seemed to like the attention and was not constrained at all.

This chameleon was riding around on this fellow's hand.  Note the odd color scheme.

As we were walking past, the handler pulled this albino python out for some lovin'.

Shooting through glass cage walls is difficult, thus the reflection.  This boa is snoozing on a branch.

Some kind of horned lizard.

Another horned lizard, but this one is colored.

I can't make heads-nor-tails from this mess.

These blue lizards were quite interesting.

The photo above was shot through a tight mesh screen cage wall with a huge light at the top.  Note his feet.

There were all manner of lizards for sale, but the subtleties were lost on me.

This pair were watching the people carefully.  Note the ear hole and the claws on his buddy.

These "horneys" had orange highlights.

There were some "interesting" people at the reptile show.  Some of the gals were tatted and pierced and dyed in ways that defy logic (as well as the normal parameters of good taste).  I will be having (bad) dreams about them for some time to come.

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