Pinzgauer Assessment

Checking a vehicle for a friend

Event Report 20130414

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The Experience

I was asked to examine a Pinzgauer 712-R for a friend.  Not being a Pinz expert, I brought someone who had owned and driven a 712 to assist with the examination.  He owner the same model of truck, albeit with a troop carrier body.

The photos below are what we saw.

Looks in good shape, the front tire is a bit low.

This vehicle has the "repair" body which has a spare tire storage compartment and a heater.  Spare is inside the narrow door behind the cab.

Full-sized doors in the back with a step hidden underneath.  The vehicle has current California plates, title and registration according to the owner.  He uses it weekly for his food service business.

Vehicle ID plate.

The other ID plate.

Operator compartment.

The current owner is still using the vehicle to support his cafe business.  It was loaded with "hot boxes"

There is a are side doors.

The other side.

Fluid weeping and seepage was minimal and the condition was good for the year and mileage (about 44K km).  There are some small spots of body rust, but that is to be expected.

Rubber looks good.

Opening the heater access door.

This truck has a heater that looks brand new.  The heater is worth about $2K or so.

This was Richard's 712, now Mark's.

The vehicle is in good shape and according to Richard, as good as any Pinz 712 he has seen.  It did have some trouble starting, but it has a non-stock fuel pump that may have something to do with the issue.  According to the owner, it was serviced by the local expert, "Jim".  Jim actually lives in the LA basin, but does mobile repair work.  All the Pinz guys acknowledge that he is the expert.  If you were going to do a cross-country drive in this truck, I strongly suggest that you either take the vehicle to where Jim can inspect/service it or have Jim come to you BEFORE you do the journey.

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