MogFest 2009 Part 1


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The Trip

For the last several years, MogFest has been scheduled for early October in the desert area near Barstow, CA. We have been holding this group camping trip at the county park at the Calico Ghost Town. This year, there were about 150 folks that attended and a good time was had may all, with a few notable exceptions.

The Photos

The photos below are what we saw.

We always gather the group in the parking lot before the run. This allows everybody to take photos of the various rigs.

Terry's ex-military 416. This truck runs great.

Matt and Nancy's Altar-proven 416.

John's trail-proven VW Synchro. This rig has some battle scars, but it is highly capable and John is a good driver, contrary to what the dings might suggest. These were the result of some very difficult trails.

After photo time, we hit the trail. Above, Terry crests one of the first hills.

On the top of the ridge, we could see almost the whole group in the distance.

Eric's 404 DOKA.

The soon-to-be-infamous "Red Bull" Pinz 712. It looks good now, but wait until tomorrow!

Some more 712's.

Dave's newer diesel Pinz.

Kai and Kathleen go for a quick brew at a trail stop.

Our trail took us to a high ridge with great views of a dry lake to the north. The Mojave desert has many dry lakes. Visible at the lower right of the photo above is a cross that is part of some kind of shrine.

Part of the shrine was in an old mine tunnel.

From the shrine, we headed west over the hills.

Further on, we encountered the first of several obstacles. Above, Red Bull raises some dust due to wheel spin.

Terry negotiates a sizeable obstacle.

The Haflinger was small enough to just drive around the obstacle.

None of the Pinzgauers had problems with the obstacle.

Red Bull made it over damage-free; tomorrow he will not be so lucky.

No sweat for the 710 Pinz.

John had no problems with the obstacle, although he did "tag" some bolts on his rear drive line, leaving him with 3 wheel drive.

The expression on the passenger's face tells the story.

The mogs made it over with no issues.

Alan's son completes the obstacle with his Blazer.

After the last obstacle and all vehicles were accounted for, we headed back to the camp ground for cocktails and story time. Dinner was brought in for the participants and it was great. Tomorrow, we will hit the trail again, but the results will be a bit more notable.

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