A Night at the Go Cart Races

Tectura sponsors employee fun


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The Experience

Kathleen's company Tectura sponsored a night at the Go Cart facility. There were 28 racers in the field. They served a tasty dinner and beers. What could be better? The photos below are what we saw.

We were the first to arrive, so we got to check the place out. They had good accomodations and something that I did not expect -- beer and wine. That was fine with us and we proceeded to snarf a couple of cold ones before the balance of the employees arrived. I thought that the somewhat corney checker flag table cloths were cool.

The Baja Fresh tacos and burritos were good. Here, a couple that until recently lived in San Diego, eating with us.

We had to listen to the safety and procedure briefings. The employees were cordial and helpful.

I could not resist wearing Kathleen's faux-fir mittens. Here, I ponder if this is enough of a fashion statement to win the race while getting the safety briefing.

The crew has to pay attention to the instructions and safety considerations.

Kathleen in the blue suit in the No. 7 cart in the pole position.

She's off in first place in her group. Here, she is lapping a slow racer.

The only track in this area that has a non-horizontal surface. You have to attain full speed and power to make it over, but when you do, you will be flying, literally.

Over the bridge at full speed. You will get air, for sure!!

Kathleen prepares to pass a slower racer.

She was satisfied with her run.

Bill succeeds in passing several slower carts. In the end, since the other racers in my class did not know what a purple flag meant and would not yield, I had to pass with extreme vengance.

The aggression paid off, and I was first in my class.

Kathleen came in 2nd in her class. Despite her second place standing, her best lap time beat me by a couple tenths of a second on a basis of 24 seconds. Besides, she is always #1 with me.

This was great fun. It had been awhile since I had carted; perhaps 2 years. But, Kathleen cheated. Since practice does, indeed, make perfert, she had arranged to go to another cart track with her work mates in preparation for this event. That way she could have a leg up on the balance of the carters. Pretty devious.

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