The "Eye Benches"

Featured sculptures at the Olypmic Sculpture Park


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The Experience

We live across the street from the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park. The OSP has been under construction for years, but it is nearing completion. One of the last sculptures to be installed were the so-called "Eye Benches". These sculptures were a set of granite benches carved to depict eyes as well as allow seating. We could see the workmen installing the benches from our balcony, so we grabbed a camera and headed over to see the benches up close. The photos below are what we saw.

Our place has a grand view of the north end of Elliot Bay. The OSP is in the forground wiht both the Eagle and Typewriter Eraser sculptures visible. Grain ships awaiting loading are visible with the grain terminal just visible above the building with the satellite dish.

OSP has some interesting sculptures. This as a stainless steel tree.

The first of 3 pairs of benches. The eyes look sleepy.

Second pair being unloaded. These are solid stone and therefore very heavy.

I am glad that the rigging held and that they did not drop the benches.

Part of the 3rd pair of benches.

Another sculpture next to the newly completed waterfront walkway.

OSP also built a pedestrian bridge that allows crossing over the BNSF main line. Here a set of locos await orders to move south.

The Eagle and Space Needle.

Final actions to get the benches in the proper position. The artist-creator of the benches is the fellow in the red jacket and black hat in the foreground-center.

North Belltown at Pier 70 looking south along the waterfront.

Parting shot of the Eagle and Space Needle.

It was a nice, warm, sunny day in Seattle. Being next to the OSP is nice due to easy access to the sculptures and park. I believe that the installation of the Eye Benches completes the construction of the park.

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