Callie Caid's 90th Birthday Party

Fun with friends and family


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Sandy helps Callie performs the traditional "blowing of the candles" on her cake.

The Experience

Callie is my step mother and recently had her 90th birthday. To honor her, we held a celebration at the Caid estancia in Tucson. To keep the gathering small, and per her request, only a small number of close family members and a very limited number of friends were invited.

The photos below are what we saw.

The reindeer arrived early for the party and in were full dress gear.

A view of the pool and the Pusch Ridge of the Santa Catalina Mountains from the backyard.

The pyracantha were in bloom in preparation for the party.

The sisters, Sandy and Susan, spent a ton of effort decorating the house in anticipation of the party.

A nice table arrangement.

The recently refurbished fireplace, nice adorned with Christmas figurines.

More Christmas figurines.

Christmas carolers.

Multi-colored roses, one of the many gifts.

Dan gets the bar prepared for the start of the party.

The guests start to arrive. From left, Susan, Sandy and Eleanor.

Larry Woods and Bob Caid.

Jannine and Jim Caid.

Eleanor Woods chills before the arrival of the food.

Jim and Jannine Caid.

The liquor starts to flow and the celebration begins.

Callie, Bob and Sandy.

Callie and Bob prepare for a toast with some champagne.

We all make a toast.

Dan, Larry and Susan.

Susan, Jim, Jannine, and Theresa respond to a toast.

David and Bill make small talk.

The birthday cake ready to be cut.

Bill delivers a toast.

Ready for some candle blowing.

Good job! Got them all on the first try.

We all had a great time. It was good to get friends and family together for this special celebration. Congratulations Callie! And thanks for the party.

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