Museum Of Flight at Boeing Field

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The Experience

Kathleen has recently been working a Boeing and she has been "encouraging" me to visit the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field with her. The photos below are what we saw.

The day started overcast, but rained early and then cleared up. This is a view of the northern portionion of Elliot Bay and north Belltown with my 16mm lens.

Interesting bust at the entrance to the museum. Sadly, I did not note who it was.

The Concorde was much, much bigger than I thought it was going to be. Amazing that they got something this big going supersonic speeds, with passengers no less.

Concorde landing gear on the nose.

Concorde engine inlets.

The first 747 prototype.

Commo control panels aboard the presidential airplane.

Presidential plane cockpit area.

Plenty of stuff going on inside the main museum. Note the SR-71 with supersonic drone on top.

An old tri-motor.

Another view of the tri-motor. Note the motor cowling.

Another nice vintage plane.

Radial engine.

Another style radial engine.

SR-71 engine that runs on hydrazine fuel. This engine has variable geometry inlet design to handle Mach 3 flight.

Supersonic drone atop SR-71.

F-4 fighter that was the mainstay of the Viet Nam war.

British Spitfire fighter.

Car-airplane hybrid with removeable winds and tail.

The museum was big with many, many planes. Outside of the Smithsonian Institute, this is one of the largest aerospace musuems. You should allocate 4 hours to see all the exhibits.

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