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The Experience

The weather here for the last week or so has been frightful. Heavy rain, high winds and snow. On Friday night, we had another wind storm. Happily, there was not major damage. Saturday morning broke clear and calm (albeit a tad cold). I caught a number of reasonable shots of the moon, the Olympic mountains and Elliot Bay. As the day wore on, we decided to head to the Seattle Art Museum's Asian Art collection in Volunteer Park. The photos below are what we saw.

The weather finally broke and the morning was clear. There was an unobstructed view of the Olympic Mountains across Elliot Bay. This was shot from the balcony of the apartment. Note the moon is still setting in the western sky as the sun is rising in the east. Note the container ship on egress from the bay (heading north) as well as the two grain carriers waiting to take on a load at the grain terminal.

As the sun rose it exposed more of the Olypmics.

Later in the morning the light was clear enough to get an unobstructed shot of the Olypmics. Note that the "grainers" are empty as evidenced by the water line relative to the blue paint on the hull.

While I was shooting the ships in the bay, the Boeing "Dreamlifter" 747 LCF flew by. Note the hinge structures near the tail of the aircraft. This dude is big in the extreme. The tail number is N747BC.

A bit later in the day, the sailboats came out. These were shot off of Alki Point in Elliot Bay.

Our apartment is right next to the Olympic Sculpture Park. I noticed a lot of folks over there and they are not yet officially open to teh public. They were hosting a private showing for Seattle teachers. This sculpture is called the "Eagle".

The "Typewriter Eraser" in the Olympic Sculpture Park.

This set of sculptures is called "The Wave".

This is "The Stinger". Sorry about the street light, but this was shot from my balcony.

We headed to Volunteer Park to see the Asian Art Museum. We parked on a side street next to this most awesome house. This thing is indescribably big.


Outside of the museum is this interesting sculpture made of granite.

Kathleen was trying to get humped outside the museum. The would not allow cameras in the museum, but it was interesting, to say the least.

On the egress from the museum, it was "hard dark". This is a 24 second exposure of the Space Needle from Volunteer Park. Leica M8 24mm lens at f11 and ISO 160.

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is a very interesting place and well worth a visit. Since we live next to the SAM Olympic Sculpture Park, we have watched it being built. However, since it is not open to the public, all we have ever seen is from the balcony (where these shots were taken). We are looking forward to visiting the facility as soon as it is fully open.

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