Volvo Ocean Race in New York

Looking at the boats.  

Local Life Report:  20060508

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The race locations.

The Locale

The Volvo Ocean Race happens to stop in New York. The rain caused the short leg to be longer than expected on their 400 nm leg 6 from Baltimore/Annapolis..

On the day they were due, there were tents setup. There also was a ride.

There were many Volvo's on display.

There was a Rock and Roll Band Monday evening when the boats were originally planned to arrive. The rain delayed the arrival of the boats.

It's only Rock n Roll to me.

This is where the boats were to be Monday .

Tuesday at noon they had Jazz. Love that Jazz .


Volvo Lego XC90.

The Lego Volvo.


Dog eat Dog world.

Green and Yellow Fish .


The boats.


Racer on the cell phone.

Diver is checking out the bottom of the boats.

All the boats



Boats and World Financial Center.

Volvo Boat arriving.

Volvo boat - Life at the extreme.

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