Tucson Thanksgiving

Return home to see the family


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The Experience

Thanksgiving is typically the time to spend with family and this year was no exception. Kathleen and I decided to return to see my family in Tucson. The trip was easy in theory but we decided that given the travel hassles that we would spring for first class seats and it was well worth it. The plane was packed. We had many days of foul weather in Seattle, so we were looking forward to getting back to the Southwest where it was hot and dry. The photos below are what we saw.

A break in the story weather resulted in a nice rainbow. While you cannot see the Olympics, the clouds provided a nice backdrop for the rainbow.

Here is a shot of the San Francisco Peaks outside of Flagstaff, AZ taken on our descent into Phoenix. In the foreground is the Mogollon Rim, which is the line of cliffs running to the northeast.

The parent's house looked great. Here is a view of Pusch Ridge from the backyard. It was ALMOST warm enough to use the pool.

The balance of the landscaping was completed since my last visit. In the background is the western end of Pusch Ridge.

The balance of the new landscaping.

Dad and Dan chillin' by the pool enjoying the warm, sunny weather.

A view of the surrounding flora. A sahauro cactus is the tall one in the center with a cholla in the foreground and prickly pears at the base.

One of the neighbors constructed a big model train set in his yard.

Prickly Pear cactus in the foreground with sahauro, palo verde and cholla in the background.

A full view of Pusch Ridge from the pool area.

Rather than cooking, we decided to go out for dinner on Thanksgiving. Here, Kathleen and I mug for the camera.

Dad decides what to order.


Mom decided to have the (suprise) turkey.

My sister-in-law Sue. And, she really is in law -- she is moving her practice to Tucson from Orange County.

My brother-in-law Dan. But, he is not in law.

The day after Thanksgiving, Kathleen and I went to the Pima Air Museum. Here is a SR-71.

This is a drone that piggybacked on the SR-71.

B-58 nuclear strike bomber.

The venerable B-52. Many are still in service today.

Kathleen considers the massive "super guppy" transport plane used to carry parts of the Saturn V moon rocket.

MAN oh MAN. This is a missile carrier, an 8X8 MAN tractor and missile command center with phased array radar on the mast. Hmmm, this would make a great camper.

Kathleen checks out the "Sky Crane" helicopter.

Another view of the very nasty cholla cactus. This is a "nice" specimen.

The majestic Santa Catalina Mountains as seen from the eastern edge of the Tucson valley.

The west lives on in Tucson. These riders were from the El Conquestidor Hotel. It was a great day for a ride with a nice view of the Pusch Ridge section of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

The house is getting ready for a Tucson Christmas -- reindeer and cactus.

This was a good trip. The return to Seattle was a bit frenetic, but not as bad as we anticipated. But, as always, the plane was fully packed. It was nice to see the family again.

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