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Extending a Required Trip for Sight Seeing & Pleasure  

Trip Report:  20060727

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Half Dome as seen from Glacier Point in Yosmite.

The Trip

As part of our move to Seattle from NYC, we had to go to San Diego to get our cars. Seattle, unlike Manhattan, requires a vehicle to get around. Since we had to make the trip anyway, we decided to extend the trip from the required 3 full days to something a bit more casual. It was clear that there would likely not be a summer vacation, so we decided to use this opportinity to see some of the sights along the way. We planned to touch most of the National Parks along the way including Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Yosmite, Shasta, Crater Lake, Mount St. Helens and Mount Rainier. Plus, there are plenty of attractions along the way. The photos below are what we saw.


Links to the Daily Trip Photos
Thursday 20060727 Getting to Visalia
Friday 20060728 Sequoia National Park
Saturday 20060729 Yosmite National Park
Sunday 20060730

Albion River

Monday 20060731 Travel to Crescent City
Tuesday 20060801 Oregon Caves
Tuesday 20060801 Crater Lake
Wednesday 20060802 Bend, Bonneville & Multnomah



This was an excellent road trip. We had no mechanical issue, no tire issues and no tickets. The whole trip was very ad hoc in that we never found hotels before 3pm in the afternoon. The section of the trip that was on Highway 1 was off the chart. I would certainly do it again if given the opportunity.

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