Munich PiggybackTrip

Leveraging Required Business Travel for Pleasure  

Trip Report:  June 12th - June 19th 2006

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A lion gargoyle on a building near the Marienplatz in Munich. Lions are a central theme of the city. And I'm not lion.

The Trip

Sometimes, when works mandates travel, you have to go. In this case, I elected to augment a manditory business trip with some pleasure. On this trip, I asked Kathleen to join me on my business travel to Munich, Germany. From NYC, Munich is about 8 hours. Eight hours in the tightest confinment this side of solitary at Alcatraz which is, of course, a coach class airline seat. Cramped confines, nasty food, obese seat mates and a one hour departure delay notwithstanding, the trip was uneventful. It was, however, long. We arrived at the Munich airport and things were handled with typical German precision. Our bags were delivered to the pickup area promptly and we were processed through customs and immigration with little wait.

We had a hotel in an area called Schwabing near the center of Munich. The photos below are arranged by day of the visit. Note that the first 2 days were fully engaged with work actions and visits to the city were only after hours. I should note that the World Cup Soccer games were in Munich adding to the local "color" (read a bunch of crazed, smelly, drunk guys that speak languages that I cannot understand). Kathleen went out during the day by herself and I joined her later after the work actions were completed.

Links to the Daily Trip Photos
Monday 20060612 Visit to the Marienplatz
Tuesday 20060613 City Center and the Beer Gardens
Wednesday 20060614 <Dachau -- under construction>
Thursday 20060615

Walking Tour of Downtown

Friday 20060616 Central Park and Beer Gardens
Saturday 20060617 Munich from Above
Various Days The Lions of Munich



Munich is a very pretty, clean town. While there were many soccer fans in town, they were well behaved. I am sure that due to our business relationship that I will return and that will be nice. There is much to see here.

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