Manhattan Water Taxi and Empire State Building

Great views of Manhattan from above and below


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View of North Cove in Battery Park City. Woolworth Building visible on left on horizon.

All photos copyright (C) Bill Caid 2006

The Experience

We knew that our time in Manhattan was growing short, so we were on a mission to do "tourist things". One of the things that was on the list was do the water taxi around the island and since we were at 34th street, we decided to go to the Empire State Building (ESB) as well. The photos below are what we saw. The day here was about as good as it gets weather-wise. It was warm and a bit humid, but not the stifling-hot east cost summers that most folks complain about.

The Chase Building in Jersey City. The Colgate clock is to the bottom left of the Chase Building.

Downtown skyline as seen from the docking area at the Statue of Liberty.

West side of lower Manhattan. The Bank of Manhattan Building is the one with the peaked, light green roof. The color is from oxidized copper as the roof is made of copper. There were lots of sailboats on the river enjoying the sunshine and moderate breezes.

View of Ellis Island.

A view of the Statue of Liberty from the taxi. Note the number of people around the base.

From statues to statuesque. NYC is full of fine specimens, and here is an example.

Some of the old sailing ships at the maritime museum at South Street Seaport Village. City Hall is visible to the right of the far right mast.

The so-called "Shark Boat". This is a high powered, fast and noisy passenger boat.

Manhattan Bridge.

Williamsburg Bridge. Note the all steel construction and the Empire State Building (ESB) in the distance.

UN Building on the east river. The tall one is Trump Tower.

View of the Chrysler Building.

Another fine specimen.

Looking north east from the ESB. The Chrysler Building is visible and Trump Tower is the dark building to the right.

View toward Tribeca and the Statue of Liberty. Our apartment building is visible as is Ellis Island and Rockefeller Park.

Note the gold roof.

A view looking north and east from the ESB.

This is the exit area for the Empire State Building. Note the excellent granite tile and walls. The patterns in the granite were matched from tile to tile.

Midtown at dusk. Car tail lights on Broadway produce ghostly trails at slow shutter speeds.

Pedestrians in slow motion.

Another great trip in Manhattan. Even the tourist things are interesting and fun.

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