Weekend Vacation in Manhattan

Return from Seattle Provides a Great Weekned Vacation

May, 2006

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Something is pretty fishy at the Natural History Museum. Fake fish on display.

The Trip

I had to spend the weekend in NY, so since Kathleen and I were here, we decided to make the best of it. We traveled about town and took in the Natural History Museum near Central Park.

The subway train approaches the Chambers Street station to take us north.

Cathedral spires of church near Union Square.

One of the entrance porticos of the church.

Kathleen relaxes in the shade near the church.

We went into a costume store. Here I consider having this fellow at my Halloween Birthday party as an "invited guest".

Seeing both sides at once.

We went for cocktails during the mid afternoon. The bar provided the dim lighting for this interesting shot.

Empire State Building in distance beyond the hustle of Union Square.

Tons of folks out and about on the saturday before Memorial Day .

Nice metorite at the Natural History Museum.


Note the blurred streaks at the bottom right from people moving during the 8 second exposure.

More ghosts descending the stairs.

The girls go shopping in Soho.

Saturday afternoon Soho shoppers at Spring and Broadway. Woolworth building is the tall one in the distance.

Looking north toward the Empire State Building which is visible on the left side of the road in the distance.

An atypically-nice ride seen parked on a busy street in Soho.

Memorial Day was a great weekend. There is so much to do in NY, the fun never stops.

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