Manhattan Walkabout

Views of the Local Scenery.  

Local Life Report:  April, 2006

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Jersey City at Sunset (monochrome).

The Locale

Life in Manhattan has been such a change from what I was used to in San Diego. The photos below show a small glimpse of what it is like living here. There is no deep symbolism to the photos, only a chance to share those shots that were interesting.

Statue and noon-day crowds.

Under your feet: cables, fiber, water, gas, power.

A rusted statue in the Financial District.

Statue at south west end of Central Park.

The World at Broadway and Columbus.

Baby's got back.

Modern Architecture in Mid-Town Manhattan.

Note the statues at the base of the modern architecture.

Night view of the park behind the apartment.

Dark clouds threaten the World Trade Center crater.

Angry clouds over City Hall.

City Hall from Rockefeller Park in Battery Park City.

Jersey City at Sunset as seen from Battery Park City.

This is a view of the WTC crater (at the far right, lower corner), and close buildings. On left, the string of lights at an angle is the Brooklyn Bridge. The short building in the center with all the lights on is the Bank of New York. The tall building with the lights at the top is currently unidentified, but the building to its immediate right (to the left of the heavily illuminated crater area) is the Verizon building.

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