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Good to be back in the 'hood


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Construction finally begins at the World Trade Center site. The white crane in the background is part of the action. The red crane is part of the Lehman Bros. building in Battery Park City The black building with the shroud is the Deutche Bank buliding that was damaged during the collapse of the WTC and is subsequently being "deconstructed".

The Trip

While we did complete our relocation to Seattle, there were work issues with one of our biggest customers that required me to return to Seattle. We kept the Manhattan apartment for shared corporate use, so at least I had a place to stay in a familiar part of town. Not that familiarity is a requirement, but it is nice when you are accustomed to things. Since this was a business trip I did not bring my Canon 1Ds Mark II camera as it is a big, heavy beast. Instead, I used my small pocket Panasonic camera (which accounts for a variety of issues in the final photos). Enjoy. Better camera next time.

The golden light of sunrise reflects off the Bank of NY (left) and 7 World Trade Center (center) buildings. The ugly brick building is the Verizon building.

We have been watching the construction of 200 Chambers Street for nearly a year. They are nearly finished with the exterior and have made significant progress since my last visit here 4 weeks ago.

Liberty at Sunset. Shot from the Hudson River hike-and-bike at Moore street.

The final rays of sunset reflect off the buildings on the Jersey City waterfront while a Circle Lines tour boat passes. Note the jet on takeoff from Newark airport.

Interesting cloud patterns at sunset. This little camera takes 16:9 format shots, resulting in the "wide" photo.

Sunset over Jersey City. The little camera greatly indigested this high-contrast scene resulting in significant over exposure of the center area.

Interesting cloud patterns at sunset. Building right of center is the vent shaft for the Holland Tunnel. Note building on the left of the image. One of the "features" of this little camera is that at wide angle, there is significant barrel distortion. So, I used Photoshop CS2 to compensate for the distortion. It did a good job of getting the vent shat to look normal, but took the building on the left and distorted it.

My absence from Manhattan for a few weeks only reinforced the fact that it is a pretty cool place. I was encouraged to see that the construction of the WTC has actually started. Perhaps it will be completed in my natural lifetime.

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