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Local Life Report:  April, 2006

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View of the World Trade Center Crater as see from my apartment.

The Locale

Life in Manhattan has been such a change from what I was used to in San Diego. The photos below show a small glimpse of what it is like living here. There is no deep symbolism to the photos, only a chance to share those shots that were interesting.

The Tribeca skyline from our apartment.

The Tribeca area used to be the bad side of town. Today, it is alive with rebuilding. When the revitalization is done, Tribeca will be the new "high rent" area.

The City Hall building dominates the skyline, particularly at night. This shot is looking east at City Hall down Chambers Street.

A shot of City Hall at night..

Living on the Hudson affords great views at sunset. This is from the "hike and bike" path along the Hudson looking west at sunset.

A view of the Jersey City waterfront, a high rent district in it's own right.

The Hudson River is criss-crossed by tunnels underneath the riverbed. This structure is a ventilation shaft for the Holland Tunnel.

Pondering the river. Battery Park City is in the background. The Travelers Building is the big one on the left. The lighted structure to the left of the walkway is the NY Trapeze School.

The Chambers Street Bridge across the west side highway.

A view of the Hudson from the apartment complete with water taxi from Jersey.

A shot of our apartment building near the park and river. The building is in the center.

A good, old-fashion face plant seems in store for this young buck. Those granite steps sure will hurt.

I was sure he was going to crash and burn, but not this time.

Jets flying over downtown Manhattan.

A somewhat odd art exhibit was at the World Financial Center. These are African Masks.

The focus of the exhibit was to show puppets used in local performances. Here is an example of one of the puppets.

Another example of a complex puppett. Note the odd facial structure. I think this one was representing a dictator that had fallen from favor.

Spring Street at lunchtime.

Sullivan Street in SoHo.

A power lunch near where I work in SoHo .

Katheen seems pensive as the power lunch unfolds around her in SoHo.

I do not have a clue why this is in front of Saatchi and Saatchi unless it is to tell is that advertising is a dog eat dog world..

Street marketing in SoHo.

A taste of Little Italy on Mulberry Street.

Author in Little Italy after a bottle of wine and food.

A door in Chinatown that is covered with graffitti. Plus the ever present black trash bags.

Some very odd looking "food stuffs" here. No telling what they are as the signs are in Chinese.

Entrance to the Manhattan Bridge.

Another view of City Hall, this time from the north.

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