Falcon 90 Flight

High style at high altitude

April, 2006

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Falcon 90 at Boeing Field

The Trip

Kathleen joined me on a manditory business trip to Seattle. The trip spanned a whole week and we were lucky enough to hitch a ride home on a private jet belonging to a very successful Silicon Valley executive. The plane was on loan to my CEO. We thank both Scott and Bill for their generosity.

The group hikes out to the plane across the tarmac.

This is one fine ride. The weather was closing in, so we had to go.

Bill imposed on one of the crew to take this shot.

This flight came with 2 pilots and a steward. this is the main pilot.

The cabin looking aft toward the sleeping area and head.

The galley area.

A view of the heavily instrumented cockpit.

Closeup of the avionics.


Kathleen gets situated before takeoff.

Relaxing before the takeoff roll.

Hydration is important on long flights.

Mount Rainier as seen from south of the Seattle area. Since we were above the clouds, it was bright up here. Below the cloud layer, it was dark and gloomy.

Kathleen was taking photos out the windows.

We finished lunch, so we were reading and having cocktails.

This was a very, very nice plane and we were lucky to be able to fly home in this aircraft as opposed to a coach seat on one of the commercial providers.

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