Calico Mog Fest 20061019

MAN - oh - MAN, my Unimog looks small! 

Trip Report:  20061019 - 20061022

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Kathleen negotiating a very tight spot in the trail with my 1300L.
No unimogs were damaged or injured in the making of this photo (yet).

MAN 8x8 missile tractor converted to a "motor home".

The Trip

Every year for the past 5 years (at least) Kai Serrano has hosted the southwest edition of MogFest in the desert on Columbus Day. In the old days, MogFest was held in Truckhaven Hills near the Salton Sea east of San Diego. For the past several years, due to the large attendence, the event has been held at the ghost town of Calico just past Barstow on the way to Las Vegas. This year was not exception. There was a very large turnout, perhaps 120 folks and a ton of unimogs, Pinzgauers and even one 8x8 MAN missle tow vehicle. The photos below are what we saw. There is one photo set for each of the event days.

Links to the Daily Trip Photos
Thursday & Friday 20061019 Calico MogFest Day One
Saturday 20061021 Calico MogFest Day Two



MogFest is always a great time. It is great to renew aquaintances with old friends that share common interests. And, as a bonus this time, the weather was outstanding with warm temperatures, clear skys and most importantly, no wind. Both Kathleen and I are looking forward to doing this again next year.

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