Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Cherry Blossom Festival

Local Life Report:  April, 2006

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Spring is here and with it are the flowers!!

The Trip

Kathleen discovered that there was a Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens (BBG). My buddy Darren Reinig was in town, so we decided to take the cameras and head over to to the BBG to see the sights. The photos below show the sights.

Near the entrance to the BBG. This is the Brooklyn Museum.

One of the many trees that were in bloom.

I am not sure that this is a cherry tree, but it is pretty nonetheless.

Daffodils, I think.

I guess that they come in white too.

Bill and Darren talk about his MBA program and the meaning of life in general.

A "boil" of koi feeding on bread thrown by the visitors


A turtle and a koi check out a dead pond-mate. They had been feeding on the carcass earlier. Yuck.

The blooms cascade down the tree.

Bill struggles with his manual focus rangefinder camera.

The Japanese pavillion was very cool.

Tons of folks with cameras, just like us.

Great blooms.

BBG is a cool place and the weather was perfect.

Carefully groomed hedges.

A sundial in the courtyard.

The pinks and whites made a great combination.

This is a tulip, I think.


No clue.

More panzies?

Funky internal structure in this flower. The center looks out of focus, but that is not true; it is covered with some kind of mucus and has a smooth structure.

BBG is well kept, nice open and clean. Here, folks check out the ponds.


I have no clue as to what kind of flower this is.

The nice blue sky provided a great background for this shot. Sadly, the breeze was bring the branch in and out of focus.

Better depth of field would have helped here, but I could not tell until we put the photo on the monitor.

Detail of the blooms on one of the trees.

Flowers for sale on the street. I think that flowers are on everyone's minds. Since it snowed last week, most folks are happy that spring is here.

A rare sight in New York -- an empty subway platform in the middle of the day.

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