Great Sights in Battery Park

A weekend walkabout yields interesting sights

June, 2006

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One of the benefits of living in Battery Park City is free concerts in the World Financial Center.

The Experience

One of the good things about Manhattan is that there are so many things going on within walking distance. So, we decided to start hiking toward Battery Park at the south tip of the island.

A street light fixture with the American Express Building in the background.

A view of the Jersey shore and the water taxi. I think that is the Chase Building just to the left of center.

Kathleen clowns-around on the bronze mandolin at Battery Park.

A nice plaza near the end of the island.

Sailboats and the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.

The skyscrapers at Battery Park.

Another view of the Colgate clock and the Chase building.

We stopped for lunch and cocktails at the Ritz.

The bar lighting made for interesting photos. Note the reflection of the ring in the wine glass.

A "robo-breaker" being hoisted from the subway construction below the street.

Subway construction at the Bowling Green Station. The whole road is covered with trench plates.

Think Wall Street is a bunch of bull? This proves your conjecture.

Narrow canyons of Exchange Place and Wall Street.

Wonder what is under the sidewalk? Pipes and fibers and cable.

A bronze casting of a large tree that was killed by debris from the WTC collapse at Trinity Church.

Cubist Art.

Another great weekend in Manhattan. Hiking around the city is interesting and fun.

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