NYC Apartment Hunt July 2005
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As some of you may know, I recently accepted a position as CTO/CIO at Muze, Inc. in Manhattan. This, of course, means the dreaded apartment hunting in Manhattan.

After seeing a bunch of apartments, both Kathleen and I agreed that continuing to search was a fruitless endevor. We both agreed that a place that we had seen separately, Tribeca Park, was more than good enough and the prices were "reasonable". So, after fininshing lunch, we resolved to get a cab and head down there to secure a 2BR place that she had seen only 2 hours earlier. I had seen the building the previous weekend. Between the time that she saw the place and the time we called to inform them of our interest, the place had been rented. They did, however, have a one bedroom available. We got our butts in the cab and hustled over. We managed to secure a so-called Junior-4 apartment. This is a pretty big 1BR on the 24th floor with a 1.5 baths and a bunch of windows. Photos below are of the building that houses the apartment , the Tribeca waterfront and shots of the internals of the apartment.

It is not clear how this "experiment" will work, but no matter the outcome, it will be both fun and interesting.

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