Laguna Hanson September 2005
Bill Caid

I recently accepted a position in NYC. As such, it will put a severe cramp in my style with respect to camping. So, to get a leg up on the situation, my unimog buddies Kai Serrano and Roberto Espinoza decided to organize a trip to northern Baja California, MX to a place commonly known as Laguna Hanson. LH is a Mexican National Park and is a very nice place. Typically, when one thinks of baja, you conjure up images of desert, dry lake beds and beaches surrounded by cactus. LH is different. LH is in the mountains and is nearly 6,000 feet in altitude. There is a natural lake and it is surrounded by pine forest. In the "old days", there was a saw mill there. The last time I was at LH was nearly 10 years ago. There are many reasons for the hiatus, but mostly it never bubbled to the top of the list. We tried some years ago with the mogs, but were turned away at the border crossing at Tecate because the agent there thought we had commercial vehicles. This time, we crossed at Otay Mesa which is a commercial port of entry and had no problems. While we were inspected, every vehicle is inspected so that is nothing unusual.

LH is nearly 40 miles of dirt road from a place on Mexican highway 2 called La Rumorosa. Easy trip, the road was recently graded and was generally smooth. Given some of the camping trips we have had in MX, this was duck soup simple. Roberto did have a flat on the return trip, but with the three of us working the issue, it was not all that bad. We resolved the problem in less than a half an hour.

This was a great trip with great eats. Each of us individually are good camp cooks, but together it was a culinary extravanganza. Enjoy.

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