La Paz Fishing Trip August 2005
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We once again traveled to La Paz, Baja California Sur, MX to go sport fishing. The away team for this trip was Bob Caid, Dan Porter, Bill Caid and Kathleen Jones. Bob is a long-time fisherman in the La Paz area and this was another chance to enjoy a sport that he loves. We came from San Diego and joined them in La Paz for several days of fishing. The temperature on the water was hot, but not terminally so. However, if you got away from the immediate vicinity of the water, it became "Africa Hot", well over 100 degrees.

We pretty good luck both days that we were out and caught plenty of dorado. On the second day, Dad and I had two marlins on the line at once and managed to land them both.

La Paz is a great town (now about 250,000 people), very clean and safe. Highly recommended if you like to sport fish.

Adios, y vaya con dios.

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