Jessica's Graduation from UCSD

June13th, 2004

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Jessica is my (mostly) adopted daughter who has lived with us off and on for 4 years.  During that time, she has been a student in the Cognitive Science program at University of California, San Diego (UCSD) in La Jolla, CA. As of June 13th 2004, she has completed her studies and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science.

The photos below are of graduation day and the ceremony.  Jess's parents (Mom and step-dad) (Violet and Steve) and sisters Stephanie and Samantha came for the ceremony .  They were a jovial lot, to be sure.

The Photos

UCSD is a big school, there were several graduation ceremonies in progress at once.  This was not "THE" ceremony, but rather one that was in progress when we arrived.

Steven and Kathleen outside the Rimac Arena where the ceremony was held.

Jessica's step dad Steve and mother Violet .

Jessica's younger sisters Samantha and Stephanie .

Anxious relatives of the graduates gather in the arena prior to the start of the ceremonies.

I got this photo before the actual ceremony started.  Jessica is on the right.

She is very happy and she should be proud.

The Provost of ERC.

A luminary in the college.

The student speaker:  "We are training to be Global Citizens"

Professor "Comrade" Cardoza one of the featured speakers.  He told the crowd that the reason we have terrorism is that we don't give enough money to the "oppressed countries.  Their poverty breeds discontent".  I am sorry, but this is a crock.

Considering the words of the speaker.

Other anxious relatives await the arrival of their graduate outside the arena.

One very happy girl.

Violet with her daughter Jessica.

Violet, Jessica and Steve.

Samantha, Jess and Stephanie.

Jessica with Steven.

Steve, Violet, Jessica, Kathleen and Bill.

Pretty in pink after getting lei'ed.

We had a party for her afterwards.  Node the dead soldiers on the table. Steve (her stepdad) cooked some great food.

David and Tiffany.

Jessica and roomate Olga.

Jessica, Hannah, Jennifer and Olga.

Jessica and friend David.  David was also in the Cognitive Science program.

Jennifer, Jessica, David and Hannah.

Hannah and Jessica pose in their mortarboard hats.

We are all so proud of Jessica for completing UCSD.  This is a tough school with rigorous requirements.  Jess worked hard to get her degree and she deserves the accolades.

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