Infineon Raceway

October 31, 2003

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Recently, I purchased a new BMW M5 sedan.  This car rocks: 400 hp, comfort, style and of course, hauls ass.  But, all that power is not useful if you do not know how to control it.  So, Kathleen and I decided that we would take high performance driving school to insure that we don't kill ourselves.  For my 50th birthday, she got us enrolled at Sears Point (aka Infineon Raceway) near Napa Valley.   The photos below tell the story of this 2 day race clinic.  This most awesome trip was followed by a trip on the Napa Wine Train, a stop in Monterey and a (very long) trip home on hwy 1 down the coast.

The Photos

This shot is taken from my office in Rancho Bernardo.  It seems that all of Southern Califorina is on fire.

Fire by the roadside, Newhall, CA on the way to Infineon.  Part of the state firestorms.

The air quality was very bad.  Acrid smoke and heavy ash.  Newhall, CA on the way to Infineon.

Prepping for the race.  Our instructor in the left.  Sadly, I don't recall his name.

Kathleen ready to roll.

The author.  Note the clouds in the background.

Everybody has to remove all items from the car.  Here the parking lot is full of stuff.  Stands are in the background .

We are number 47 for me and number 69 for her.

Weather is approaching from the west.  Could be rain.

Instructor cars in the hot pit lane.  Weather is approaching.

Kathleen gets it on in the M5.

The flagman.

Kathleen being followed by the silver Porsche into the pit lane.

Approaching the pit lane.

I think that she liked it.

The instructor tents are always busy places.  Here cars are in the ready mode.

Suiting up to go.  Lots of M3s.

Kathleen returning to the parking area between run groups.

A view of the parking area from the stands.

Instructor cars in hot pit lane, cars on the track.  Not sure what the van is doing on the track (probably picking up the corner workers).

Laps in progress.

Lots of high priced hardware.  This fellow was insulted that I guessed his Porsche was $150K.  It was really $250K.  He must really like to drive.

Bill doing a lap.  Photo by paid photographer at the track.

Bill does another lap.

Passing through the "esses".

The track leading out of the pit area.

Kathleen does a run.

Near the end of the day.

This was a great set of track days and one of the best birthdays I have had.  Thanks Kathleen.  And Infineon.  And BMW.

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