Bill Finally Proposes to Kathleen

Dec 15, 2003

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The Background

There comes a  time in a man's life when he has to recognize the obvious.  That point came for me several months ago with the realization that Kathleen was the girl for me.  We have lived together for nearly 14 years and get along better than any couple we know.  Given that the previous marriage of 13 years did not "work out", it was with some trepidation that I went into the concept.  But in the end, due to the influence of Jessica, the end end of the story was already written.

The Setup

I needed a situation that would catch Kathleen off guard while still providing her with the gratification she deserves.

I decided that the best thing was do to the "deed" in a public forum where the participants were "captive" in the sense that they would see the whole thing.  Further, I decided that a touch of humor was indicated.  So, I decided that I would play off the popularity of the current "reality TV" program The bachelor.  The plan was to convince the audience that I was the "bachelor" and I would be selecting from the women that accompanied me to the restaurant and that only one of them would be getting "the rose".  So I conspired with Jessica to invite her very beautiful friend Hanna to join us for dinner to celebrate both the upcoming Christmas holiday and the completion of Jessica's quarterly finals that completed earlier that day.  It was easy to sell, given the context of the circumstances.  The conspiracy grew as I collaborated with Jessica, Hanna and others in preparation.

The Proposal

The lines that I used to good effect are listed below.  The proposal was delivered at about 830pm on Friday 12-12-2003 at Roy's of La Jolla in front of perhaps 100 folks.  There was not a dry eye in the house when I was done.  The specific speech is:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good evening.  I trust that you are enjoying your fine dinner tonight.  I am sure that it has not escaped your attention that I am here this evening with three very beautiful women.  And, I am sure that has all of you wondering about the circumstances.  Well, the reality is that I am running my own version of "the bachelor", and tonight I announce which of these beautiful women gets the Rose.  My name is Bill, and let me introduce the contestants. 

First, we have the young and curvy Hanna (she stands and waves at the crowd).  Next, we have the ebullient and vivacious Jessica (she stands and waves at the crowd).  Finally, we have the sultry and voluptuous Kathleen.  (she was now quite confused).

And the winner is ......Kathleen, girl of my dreams.  Kathleen stole my heart nearly 15 years ago and since then she has been the light of my life.  She is my strength when I am weak, my compass when I am lost.  Kathleen is all the things that I am not. (she stands spontaneously).

Kathleen and I mesh like precision gears, and fit together like spoon in a drawer, both physically and mentally.  Kathleen has been there for me during my times of need.

(I got down on one knee).  Kathleen, of all the people on this planet, of all the possible combinations, we were meant to be together.  Come with me and we will leave no road un-traveled, no mountain unclimbed.  I am a whole man, but I am incomplete without you.  Kathleen, will you marry me?

And she said YES.   Of course.

The Result and Photos

Since Kathleen and get along so well, the outcome was forgone (at least in my mind).  So I was confident that my proposal would get the result that I wanted.  The photos below tell the story.  One is quite out of focus (due to a malfunction) but I think that the body language that is displayed tells volumes about her feelings.  The bulk of the photos were "pre-event".  The second photo of the second page is during the proposal.   There are comments on the individual photo pages. .

Only Kathleen does not know what is coming.  They are getting hammered, it is end of the quarter and a Friday as well.   Left to right Jessica, Hannah, Kathleen.

Jessica, the other love of my life.

Hannah, Bill and Jessica.

The girls.  She does not know what is in store.

She always looks this good, though I rarely do.

Some unknown stranger was kind enough to take this shot.

Getting goofy, note the empty martini glass.  In fact, just getting started.

Actually, I was getting buzzed myself.

Kathleen left to go to the power room.  She returns, but does not know what is next.

The liquor is having full effect on Hannah.

Sadly this is a bad photo, but the body language tells volumes with the hands coming to the face.

Check out the expressions of the folks at the table in the rear.  Kathleen's expression is priceless as well

She is happy.

The smile tells all.

Note the gal in the background.

Seal the deal.

Now everybody can relax.

A happy co-conspirator.  Note the glasses in the table.


Their job is done.  They should be proud.

Somewhere in the dinner process.


All the young bucks used the ruckus as an excuse to come over and "introduce themselves" to Hanna and Jessica.  This is some random fellow that insisted on the photo

Kathleen calling home to discuss the situation with her Mom in Long Island.  Kathleen is the baby in the family, and her mom did not know this was coming.  I, however, had called her dad some days prior to discuss the situation.  Ask his permission actually.

Very tough to get a good photo and this took 50+ tries with various lighting to get it "right".

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