California Speedway 2003

Racing on a NASCAR Oval

August, 2003

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The Trip

California Speedway is a large race park in Fontana, CA that hosts NASCAR as well as other racing events.  This year, the BMW club rented the whole facility for two days to hold one of their high performance driver's education classes.  The photos below show selected moments from our trip to the California Speedway with the BMW Car Club.

My ride: a black on black 2003 BMW M5 "Vectors" with 400hp.  We were lucky enough to get a covered garage.

A view of the stands at California Speedway.  This is the biggest setup I have ever seen.

There was tons of nice hardware.  This is a CLK55 AMG.  Fast, but not as fast as my M5.

A very nice red M3.  Brand new.

This fellow took a rock in the windshield on the way to the track.

Kathleen getting her credentials for the day.

Kathleen heading out on a run.

Instuctor's tents on the hot pit lane.

Kathleen on the track.

Note the size of the stands.

On the home stretch.

The track master.

This is a huge facility.

Kathleen whizzing by.

Social hour under the tarps.

The red M3.

M5 doing it's job.

Cars coming into the hot pit at completion of a run.

Kathleen coming back to the garage between runs.

She seems to be having fun.

There was a brush fire just across the road from where we were.

The LA Chapter has all the stuff including a nice trailer to carry the tents and all the support equipment.

Dave Tellez from Phoenix.  He is one of the instructors. Good fellow.

Kathleen eating chow .

This was a great trip.  We did a ton of miles on the track.  We were averaging about 180 per day, so at the end of the day, we were tired. It was hot too, we could hardly drink enough water to stay hydrated.


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