Buttonwillow Race Park 2003

Racing in the Central Valley

September, 2003

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The Trip

Buttonwillow is one of the four race parks that are accessable from Southern California. Buttonwillow is near Bakersfield, so that is why "near" is in quotes.  From San Diego, it is a 4+ hour drive depending on traffic. The photos below show our trip to Buttonwillow with the BMW Car Club.

My ride: a black on black 2003 BMW M5 "Vectors" with 400hp.

The best resturant in town (of 3).  As seen from the Motel 6 in Buttonwillow.  Buttonwillow is a wide spot in the road to the west of Bakersfield.  The motel was a good value in that they did not charge extra for the shower mold.

Tech inspection at the start of the day.  Note the open hoods.

Disgorging contents before getting on the track.

Kathleen checking out my next door neighbor, an M coupe owned by the Patterson's of San Diego.

One of the instructors, in instructor uniform.

Bill from Indio has the copper colored Nissan.

Kathleen on the track.

Kathleen passes the "Bus Stop".

On the home stretch.

Completion of a lap.

The backstretch.

Note the barriers to the hot pits.

Another lap.

Kathleen whizzes by at top speed.

Ready for another run.

Bill getting ready to go.

The Buttonwillow facility -- group lunch in progress under veranda.

One of the world's biggest portable BBQ devices.  The food was good.

Saturday night mixer with other HPDE students.

Instant fun, just add beer.

Most of the attendees come to these functions frequently and we have seen them before.

A group of racers including Dave Tellez from Phoenix (yellow shirt) and Bill from Indio (hat).

This was a great trip miles on the track.  We were averaging about 180 per day, so at the end of the day, we were tired.


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