Snow Basin Ski Trip

March, 2001

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My Chief Scientist Ted Dunning has relatives in the Ogden area and suggested that we head to Utah for a long weekend of skiing.  It did not take too much convincing, so we got tickets and headed north.  We went with Ted and his wife Ellen and one of my software engineers from Musicmatch, Daniel Baird.  While less intense than some of the other trips we have taken, this one had the redeeming quality of having great weather (hot even) and reasonable snow.  Kathleen joined us later as she had this monkey on her back (work) and could not leave early.  So, we left without her and she joined us in Ogden.  The photos below pretty much tell the story.

The Photos

Note the cornice on the ridgeline.

Looking to the east from the top.

One of my work associates, Daniel Baird.  Like the majority of boarders, he spent most of the day on his ass or his face despite the fact that he is skilled.

Ted and Ellen Dunning.

One of the gondolas.

One of the longer runs, but the name escapes me (CRS syndrome).

Gondolas on their way to the top.

A closed area to the west with large cornices.

A good view of the Salt Lake/Ogden valley to the west.

A view of the mountains to the east.

The great Salt Lake valley.

Kathleen in her finest ski wear.

On the top, Daniel Baird and Ted Dunning.

The author.  It was warm, I skiied with only a windshell and denim shirt.  After freezing my ass off at Mammoth many times, this was awesome.

Note the lack of snow in the parking lot.

The crew getting chow with Kathleen as photographer.

Fellow skiiers setting up for another run.

This was a good ski trip.  Pretty low stress in that there was not a lot of travel to and from the area.  We found a reasonable resturant in Ogden and had good food.  This area was one of the hosts for the winter Olympics in 2002 for the downhill event.  We knew which run it was and did it several times while we were there.  It was long and steep and I am sure that it was very, very challenging at high speed.

Snow Basin is a good area and I would go back.  While not a destination resort (like Snow Bird, Park City or Deer Valley) it still has good runs.

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