Grand Canyon Trip

April, 2001

Composite view from the south rim.  Bright Angel Canyon in the center.

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One of the founders of HNC Software, where I worked for over 10 years, was a commercial pilot.  After the company went public, he bought a very fast twin turboprop Mitsubishi MU-2.  He loves to fly (clearly) and suggested that we do a day trip to the Grand Canyon from San Diego.  While I did not get photos of the plane on this trip, there are photos from other trips that we have done with him and these are below. 

The flight to the south rim was uneventful; some of the best plane trips are. Once we got to the south rim, we took a shuttle from the airport to the El Tovar Lodge for lunch.  After lunch, we walked around the south rim area and took photos.   The away team for this exercise was Robert (the owner if the plane), Katleen, Jessica, Ramon Ballister and myself,

The Photos

This plane rocks!  The M5 of plane-dom as it were: elegant, capable and very fast.  This photo was taken in Sacramento, Robert is in the hat.

The interior of the plane has a full avionics package, leather seats and berber carpet.  Wing tanks for extra range.

It even has a vanity tail number (the airplane equivalent of a license plate).

A reconstructed pueblo near the El Tovar Lodge.

A view from the rim.

Looking down at the Bright Angel trail.

Structures at Indian Gardens near the bottom of the canyon.

Ramon and Jessica.

Commanding views from the south.  The air quality could have been better. Note the white strip of Kaibab limestone on the opposing side of the canyon.

Bill, Jessica and Robert.

The colors are profound.

Steep, deep, dangerous canyons.

The balanced rock formations are curious.

A balanced rock formation on one of the subordinate ridges.

Note the white dike of intruded materal. The lowest rock is very old metamorphic rock later intruded by molten rock that forced it's way into cracks.

The actual Colorado River from the south rim.  This mighty river carved the canyon and washed the eroded contents to the delta in northern Sonora MX nearly a thousand miles away.

Ramon and Jessica.

Note the windows (tunnels) in the ridge.

An operational Ford Tri-Motor at the Grand Canyon Airport.  This plane is from the '30s.

Trying for the perfect shot, but it is hazy.

Kathleen taking it all in.

Kathleen and Bill.

Flirting with death.

A final look before departure back to the airport.

Ramon flew right seat on the way back to San Diego.

This was a great, fast trip.  While we did not get a chance to see much of the canyon due to the speed of execution, it was still nice.  We got some good photos (although not as good as when the weather is clearer).  The Grand Canyon Airport is a nice facility and we returned back to San Diego without incident.

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