Yuma Jet Ski Trip

Fun on the Colorado River

October, 2000

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The Trip

The Colorado River is a haven from the raw scorching summer heat of the Lower Colorado desert.  Yuma is the jumping off point to many interesting locations on the river.  The river is a great place for ski boats and jet skis.  Generally, the water is warm and smooth.  Jessica, Kathleen and I went there late in the season (October) with my jet ski.  We tried to go to the river access point at Senator's Wash, but the access was closed for repair.  So, on the first day we went to the lake at Senators (which is actually a reservoir with no access to the river).  On the second day, we got into the actual river and went upstream quite a way.

The mog does towing duty.  The ski is small enough that I cannot see it or feel it in motion.

Jessica on the river.

Note Castle Dome in the background.  Try to ignore the foreground.

Jessica and Kathleen posing.

The river cuts through a volcanic zone with lots of big volcanic hills.

A view of the river and more volcanic hills.

Hills of a different type.

Another rest stop with beers.

Bill and Jessica.

Ski and hills .

The river is great fun.  It can be very, very hot in the summer, but being on the water helps.  When we went, in October, it was still hot but bearable.


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