La Paz Fishing Trip

Catching our limit

July, 2000

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The Trip

La Paz is a mecca for sport fishermen.   We had been there before, so we were anxious to head back and get some fishing time.  We stayed at Los Arcos hotel in La Paz.  We caught a ton of fish after we got the correct bait.

Airport in San Diego.

Sunrise on the first day.

Catching our bait.

Kathleen doing what Kathleen does best. It was hot.

A dorado.

Another dorado.

She caught a fish.

Another dorado.

Cleaning the catch at the end of the day.

Sunrise the second day.

Local fishermen working for a living.

Pelicans at sunrise.

Near one of the islands.

Commercial fishermen.  They sold us giant squid for bait.  It really works for tuna.

Kathleen catches a small tuna.

Kathleen catches a bigger tuna.  One hundred pounds or so.

Bill gets a big tuna.

A whopper.

The one that got away.

This bad boy broke the fishing line.

This pelican swallowed the tail of the tuna whole.  Note the protuberance in the throat.

Cleaning the tuna.

The pool area at Los Arcos.

Vases in the anteroom of the lobby.

This was a great trip with plenty of fish to bring home.  Sadly, my father was not able to come with us, but we did do a trip the following year.


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