Glamis Quad Trip

Sand Everywhere

July, 2000

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The Trip

Glamis, CA is the self proclaimed "sand toy capital of the world".  I think that this assertion is correct.  There is every kind of motorized vehicle known to man.  We made the trip to Glamis with our quads to prepare for a trip to the Altar Desert of northern Sonora, MX.  While there was some training value to the trip, mostly it was just to have fun.

Jessica's pre-trip fashion show.

Dan Johnson, Matt Oliphant and Kai Serrano next to my 1300.

Kai's 416 double cab Unimog with sand service tires.

The rolling stock.

Taking a break before it gets too hot. Later this day, we would take the mog out in the dunes to check its sand abilities in anticipation of the Altar.  Jessica was in the cab and we stalled on a very steep hill.  I was sure that we were going to roll, but the mog managed to back down without incident.  That is, except for having to clean out our shorts when we got back to camp.

Shower time for the girls. Jess cleans out her shorts.

My Kathleen in quad gear.


Sunsets at Glamis are awesome.

We find the plane wreck site.

Glamis is a sea of sand.

My raptor.  Very powerful, very fast.

Beer break at the crash site.

Kathleen takes a break in the very scarce shade.

Kai suffered a power steering hose failure.  Turning those big tires in the sand is real work.

Mog and trailer.

Glamis is always a good time.  That is, assuming that the weather behaves itself.  We did not have wind and the temperatures were within reason.  Except for the broken power steering hose, the trip went off flawlessly.


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