Easter Jeep Safari

Mogs in Moab

Easter 1998

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Rain on the Golden Spike: View of Colorado River.

Moab, UT: Mecca for Four Wheeling

One of the finest 'wheeling spots in North America is Moab.  Every spring, Moab hosts the Easter Jeep Safari and many thousands of jeepers arrive for some slick rock fun.  My buddy Kai Serrano had been going to Moab for many years as part of the Samurai club.  This year, he decided to attend with his 406 Unimog and invited me to join.

The Trip

Our trip to Moab involved a beefy drive from San Diego to Moab,  UT.  This is about af day and half travel.  On this trip, I towed my model 411 minimog behind the full-sized 1300.  The objective was to have both vehicles available for specific trails.  Some of the trails are very narrow, enough so that the 1300 will not fit.  The table below has links that will take you to the stories and photos of each of the days adventures. Each of the references below refer to the numbered points in the map above for convenience.

The drive from San Diego was long, particularly at Unimog speed.  We ended up spending the first night in a somewhat less than stellar motor court in Mesquite, NV.  It was cheap, but quite run down.  Upon retiring for the night, dead tired, Kai was awoken to the sound of people vomiting.  When he checked, he saw two young men, on their knees in the parking lot, barfing their brains out.  He surmised that they had done some bad herion and were vomiting as a result.  Attempting to ignore the distraction, we went to sleep anyway.


Links to Daily Adventures
Day Adventure
Hells Revenge Trail
Moab Rim Trail
Golden Spike Trail
Metal Masher Trail
Prichett Canyon Trail
Anticline Overlook Trail


Traveler's Advice

From almost anywhere, Moab is a long trip.  You should check the mechanical integrity of your vehicle(s) before hitting the road.  One of the most remote areas in Utah is next to Moab.  Also, slick rock formations that provide the dramatic scenery make for large, fast flash floods.  That is how the narrow canyons get formed.  Beware of weather and plan an alternate escape route in the event of rain.


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