Valley of the Moon Mog Trip

Trip Report 199705

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The Experience

We decided to do a mog camping trip in the Valley of the Moon east of San Diego.  This valley is in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains near the Mexican border and it is quite rough.

The photos below are what we saw. These are scans of chemical photos.

The descent into the valley is quite steep.

Our mog buddy Mark came down from the L.A. area with his 404 DOKA to join us.

This was a tight fit for my truck.  Note the rust on the tail gate.  This trip was done before I got the bed powder coated.

Mark was having some issues, so we stopped on the trail.

The In-Ko-Pah mountains are comprised of exposed, exfoliated granite boulders.

Our chosen camp site was at the end of a small side canyon.

We decided to go on a short hike to check out the boulders.

We got camp set up and then just hung out.  Kai and Mark are telling jokes; Tina is just reading and Kathleen is listening.

Kathleen's best aspect.

A comparison of the trucks: 1300L, 404, 406.

The terrain at Valley of the Moon is quite rugged.  This valley is on a main path of transit of illegals making their way north.

Some of the boulders were large.

Mark was having cooling issues.  He broke a fan belt and perhaps something else as well on our return to San Diego.

This was a great trip.  Kathleen had fun, the dog had fun and nobody got hurt.

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