Birthday Hummer Rental

Trip Report 19951031

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The Experience

Kathleen is just the sweetest gal.  For my birthday she rented a Hummer without my knowledge and arranged for us to take it out on the town and then into the desert with some friends.

The photos below are what we saw. These are scans of chemical photos.

Steve Biafore helped Kathleen pick up the Hummer at a rental place in Spring Valley.  She showed me the Hummer later than night and I was blown away: I nearly fainted because I thought that she had bought it.  I never considered a rental.  After the shock wore off, we drove to Baci's for dinner with our long-time friend Steve Anderson.

We took the Hummer into the mountains near Julian and then went down Oroflamme Canyon.

Kathleen in her best desert attire.

The descent into Oroflamme Canyon was easy.  The trail is steep, but the road was recently graded.

From Oroflamme, we went into the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and Arroyo Seco canyon.

We stopped at the approach to the Fish Creek Dropoff for a photo.

The dropoff was easy to do.

Since it was so easy going down, we tried going up as well.

We made it up without issue and using full air pressure.

We exited the park through Fish Creek Canyon.  Note the wind caves on the exposed sandstone face.

We had somebody take a group shot at the end of the day.  L to R: Mike Lazarus, Steve Biafore, Kathleen and Bill.

This was a the best birthday surprise ever!  We had a great time at dinner and in the desert.

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