1990 Western U.S. Expedition

Kathleen's first view of the Wide-Open West


Final update: 20130911 from San Diego, CA

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Zion Canyon Rim from the valley floor.

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The Trip

While cruising through the contents of my photo archive, I realized that I had a set of old photos that have never made their way to my web page.  Kathleen and I first met in 1989 and she was a true city girl.  From Long Island, she had never seen the desert, been camping or seen any of the famous sights in the western U.S.  So, at the earliest opportunity, I set up a 3 week road trip that would take us from San Diego to Yellowstone, MT, Salmon, ID and back to the famous parks in Utah.

This trip happened in 1990, 23 years ago and the only records were some chemical photos that I had scanned.  I am not sure what camera I was using at the time, but I am guessing it was a Canon AE-1, likely with Kodachrome or Fuji Velvia film.

We really did not have the correct set of equipment, me having lost my 4x4 truck as part of my divorce.  So, we packed our stuff in my 1987 Ford Mustang GT and headed north.  Things were packed tight in the Mustang; it barely fit.  And, to make the trip complete, we also sandwiched in a white water raft trip on the Salmon River (AKA "The River of No Return") in Idaho.  Only on this trip, the whitewater was more like gray water and we did actually return.

Trip Details

The link table below contains links to the photos and dialog for each of the segments of the expedition. 

Links to Daily Adventures
Part Dates Adventure Locations
199006 Zion and Bryce Canyons
Rafting "The River of No Return" in Idaho
Yellowstone National Park
Flaming Gorge, Dinosaur and Moab, UT



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