Baja 1000


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One of the more eventful trips that Rod Kunz organized was an expedition to see the Baja 1000.  The plan was to go to a place that was reasonably easy to get to, San Matias Wash, and then just camp there to see the race.  San Matias is Point 9 in the map below.

Baja California Norte.

Map of the area around San Matias Wash.

View of the bay north of Ensenada, BCN, MX

My Chevy K30 and Louie's Suburban at a rest stop on the way to Ensenada.

Looking for the source of noise under the hood. Rod on the left

Forgotten ratchet U-joint is the source of the noise.  Tire guage for size reference.

Bay north of Ensenada.

Rod's tricked out Red Chevy Blazer in Ensenada.

Ferry in Ensenada harbor.

Roof damage from part dropped from oncoming traffic.  Note knuckle in hand of guy on left.

Knuckle with cigarette but for size reference.

View of the Valle Santa Clara from San Matias Pass.

Modified Baja Bug at checkpoint.

Truck at checkpoint.

Buggy at checkpoint.

A two-seater buggy at checkpoint.

A pit crew in action.

Louie watching John Hill attaching tow strap to his stuck Suburban.

John Hill preparing to pull Louie. It is easy to get stuck with full air pressure.

Rod watches a jeep get refueled.  We were "pitting" for him.

Louie holding down a chair.  Note other vehicles in San Matias Wash. at checkpoint.

A 3 wheeler at checkpoint.  Note vehicles and spectators on highway above.

Rod watches a pit crew changing a tire.

A buggy changing drivers in our pit.


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